I'm Drew, a perpetual learner driven by technology's ever-changing rhythms.

My journey into the world of technology ignited at a tender age, crafting small Dragon Ball Z fan websites in the corner of my elementary school's computer lab when I was just 10 years old. As the pixels and possibilities unfolded, I knew I was destined to delve deeper into this world.

With a hustler's mindset, I carved a path while working retail, embarking on freelance gigs building websites for small businesses. The thrill of transforming ideas into online experiences was unmatched, and it set the tone for my future.

In a crucial moment, I decided to pivot my career entirely. The year 2016 saw me at Juno College of Technology (formerly called HackerYou), honing my coding skills and unleashing my potential. Each line of code I crafted was a step closer to the tech-driven universe I envisioned.

Today, I find myself deeply entrenched in the boundless expanse of software and technology, eagerly consuming knowledge with every free moment. While my days at Wealthsimple as a software developer are dedicated to democratizing investing, my after-hours moments are reserved for delving into tech's intricate tapestry. I've discovered that sharing what I've learned is the heart of true fulfillment. Guided by this passion, my mission is to help beginners and intermediate software developers by providing them the information and guidance that would have been helpful to me just a few years ago.

Beyond coding and tech, I've embraced a new role – that of a new father. Navigating the labyrinth of fatherhood and family dynamics is both exhilarating and challenging, adding another layer of richness to the canvas of my life.

Join me as I unravel the threads of technology, learning, and family, painting a vibrant portrait of the modern journey we all traverse.